Here’s what’s wrong with Mr. Anand Giridharadas‘ Billionaire Critic

First of all, there should be more intellectuals like Mr. Anand Giridharadas which tackle the modern day challenges within our minds, the stupid ideologies. He’s true about Bullshit stories being sold by massmedia and even into products to our societies.

In his talks, book presentations and texts he talks a lot about billionaires covering up their tax robbings by philanthropy. It’s true in many ways. Still, his critic is very short-sighted. The problem of societies today is not that some few people are super rich or richer than other masses of people. There was also a lot of risk (deadly risk btw) involved. But the root of the problem of Capitalism is that it puts Capital (money, cash, etc.) on the otherside of Work (productivity). This includes that means of livelihood are not bound to life and/or existence itself. It means that LIFE is bound to the ECONOMICAL VALUES YOU GIVE TO SOCIETY. This means if you don’t work, your value is 0. If you don’t have capital – obviously no work, no inheritance – your value is 0. Universal Basic Income won’t be an idea, it will become a necessity in the future to reduce civil purges & crime.

For a second, let’s look at the Have-nots in the United States. Why don’t they have any money or too less? They are paid badly. Sure. They can’t deal with their depths. Sure. They don’t know how to use money. Maybe. The real reason – if you allow me to break it down with financial mathematics – is that the second they start growing up they have expenses while at the same time they don’t have any natural income. All they have is Jobs by which income can be generated but the expenses keep on running and pushing while working. The biggest expenses for most American Citizens are taxes. Every 1$ of income is taxed with 10%. How come nobody talks about this? It’s a difference taking 40% from 400.000$ than taking 10% from 9.000$. It’s like running against a wall to break others standing behind them.

„Government is starving!“, says Anand Giridharadas. Well, the US government – like most governments – is losing control because they have become too fat. They are creating more problems than solving them. More laws to suffocate its citizens. One reason is that governments became too rich. Why are there so many people working in governments? You never ask this question, Sir? Well, you should. The paradigm shift we need internationally has to tackle this question: Why is human dignity and existence still submitted to human institutional entities which put individual life down for the sake of themselves and insignificant others? (insignificant regarding the personal life) This question won’t leave. It will rise. Every year governments will be questioned a little bit more. Join these questions!

I have great respect for constitutions. They manifest ethical naturality of all human beings. A government can be good if it’s not always present in everyday life. People shouldn’t have to live while dealing so many times with governments, borders, police and politicians. Life is about living it, not organizing it by power. Most people are being forced and oppressed. Not by Billionaires but by governments. Billionaires may be robbing governments but governments are robbing a lot more from the people. A billionaire can go bankrupt but a government has citizens to leverage itself in front of Banks & other countries. Who wants to be used by a government like that? Governments don’t lose their power. They enforce and keep it by means of force and weapons but who gave them the right to do so? It’s a serious question that should be asked.

The idea of citizenship is weak, for we are born human beings and not subjects to power structures controlling and organizing our lives from A to Z. Governments are not efficient. Unfortunately, they have created more problems than solutions. Billionaires are not forcing me to buy their products. Governments are forcing people to pay taxes, except for the Billionaires as politicians are afraid of their lawyers & less money for elections. It would be great in the US to make 24.000$/year tax-free for every single citizen. And then you tax 24.000$ – 36.000$ with 10%. A lot of money would be missing in the government but American Citizens could have something to live for. The society would become richer. No reason to kill each other for Sandwiches, Cash & Drugs because they are hungry, poor and desperate. They would actually have a serious life and ability to be independent from depths, rents and crimes. How about that, Mr. Giridharadas?!

Probably, you think I’m talking about Anarchy but that would be false. Nature is not Anarchy. It’s natural. There is risk in life. Anyone can die somehow somewhere by natural forces. But remanaging risk by putting it on the shoulders of weak citizens – look at the financial sector – and playing theatrical mascerades regarding politics while people are dying every day, starving and losing hope, that’s not democracy, the rule of a people. It’s Neoliberalism at its best. It’s the complete dissolving of dignity, individuality and anything with meaning. It’s the disaster of ideological ruling. Hopefully, there are some places left to drink a coffee without being governed. THAT has to be the future. There is no substitute for freedom. Not even money! Look at the old rich and influential politicians! Do they look like freely lived biographies to you? So be more honest about your critic Mr. Giridharadas and less hostile towards people with a lot of income. You didn’t care about the billionaires when they were small Have-nots paying a huge load to the government which was relatively high. Why you care about them without tackling governmental systems of oppression which are implemented every day in the U.S.? I really don’t get it. Just look at how you deal with Citizens. You have more prisoners & prostitutes than teachers & care-takers.

Thanks for reading & have a nice day!

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