Spiritual aspects of Feminism

Feminism must be defined by the female principle of spirituality. And I’m very glad that women are cooperating & building their lives on their own, independently, supporting each other and standing side by side.

Unfortunately, ancient patriarchalism has lasted for too many centuries wherever power comes into point. So wherever misogyny exists, mental power is holding it up.

Nevertheless to me personally Feminism has a very deep meaning in the spiritual sense. Growing up in a neoliberalist world which wants to destroy and atomize identity to the smallest pieces (making it a burden to hold together all the pieces), I always felt a deep violence coming down through society, into the hearts of innocent children. The worst violence is the violence against the soul, and to me the soul consists of two main principles.

I’m speaking about the female principle and the male principle. Both create the spiritual power of a strong personality aspiring to grow itself inwardly, not outwardly. The fundamentals of personality, life and psyche are to find in the soul of the individual. We may approach the human soul by understanding these two principles and further analysis of the human condition.

If we analyse the difference between both principles we also realize the imbalanced realities of it. The male principle dominates our everyday lives in the 21st century. Activity, engagement, moving back and forth, productivity, etc. are all faces of the male principle of spirituality. We undermine therefore the female principle of spirituality which consists of calm, softness, connection, thinking, etc. I would even say that those aspects are forbidden in most of our modern societies.

By underestimating and forbidding the powerful aspects of the female principle we somehow destroy the spiritual sense of balance inside of each other. We all tend to push limits without pulling back ourselves from them. In the depths of our individual consciousness lies a huge burden. It is the burden of responsibility which comes together with power. On the other hand power does not really exist in ourselves if the balance doesn’t exist. That’s why we tend to look for power outside of ourselves, decapitated of the female principle in ourselves.

Our psyche is pointed towards power in a patriarchal understanding of existence. This leads to the assimilation of sexes IN THEIR OUTER APPEARANCE. Understanding human nature by superficial criteria like appearance and dress codes, we are still looking for power politics changing those superficial realities. We hardly respect inward decisions of women if they are not outwardly identified as patriarchally respectable. These paradoxes confuse women and men alike. Women have to not just live their lives working and struggling against all odds, no, they have to psychologically process all the confusions in their lives by living patriarchal fantasies.

Regarding men and male lifestyle-trouble the missing part of the female principle leads to a deep psychological crisis in every man on this planet. The most distinctive mark of a „modern“ man is his desperate search of a woman to compliment himself. His inward thirst for female aspects is pushed out into the world and torments his consciousness as an everlasting projection. Any woman to him is a personification of his own psychologically female decapitation. Stopping his terrible search would mean he has to look in himself for the female principle. This never-ending story leads to a lot of troubled relationships because at the end any woman is regarded as an object and possible sexual partner.

The projections of human beings are so strong that they can change social behavior. First and foremost, the behavior of women is targeted because of their sexual identity. Women personify the female principle without being able to ever replace it. Our psyche turns the spiritual principle into an objectified principle in the outward reality. We are Masters of objectification. And we love objects because the possession of objects is the only way to accept oneself as a subject. We deny the power of our consciousness out of misunderstanding dignity which is a consequence of an imbalanced spirituality.

For dignity begins inside of the human being and is most certainly consisting of the male principle and the female principle. These spiritual principles or principles of human spirituality nourish our consciousness and make our lives balanced and meaningful. So Feminism should be regarded as a psychological Antidote to the sick psyche of human nature. That’s the only place today where you can trace problems of mankind back to. At least, we should give each other a chance to understand the feminist approach by psychological means analysing consciousness, spirituality and matters of soul.

As a spiritual self-conscious soul I see the suffering in all human beings, not just women. BUT women carry the bigger burden because of the psychological pressure which is pointed at them every second of their social life by society AND misogynism. That’s why misandry today has a proper justification.